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Grand Piano Studio is a learning environment built to unleash and inspire your inner musician.

Whether guiding beginners, advanced students, or seasoned professionals, Grand Piano Studio's methodology is based on the equal integration of three parts:


Reading Music


Music Theory

Learning to read music is the entryway into the amazing world of performing the greats of music literature, from classical to jazz and everything in between. Your marvelous journey begins with getting to know the notes on the five lines and four spaces of the treble and bass clefs.

Musical improvisation is the immediate, spontaneous creation of music. All well-known composers have been great improvisors; it is essential to learn the art of improvistion to become a complete, well-rounded musician. 

Music theory is the glue that bonds together the music you read and improvise. To master both, you must know how music is constructed; that's where music theory comes in. music composition and music improvisation is applied music theory. It reveals what I call the deep mysteries of music!

The first lesson for any workshop is free!

Beginners of all ages will be able to play beautiful music after their very first lesson! Mr. Lepley prides himself in teaching even the youngest children basic theoretical concepts that can immediately be used for experiencing the joys of playing the piano.​
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“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Dana Hughes, Student for 7 years

Meet Robert Lepley: Founder and Teacher

Bob Lepley in Cappy's Recording Studio.j

Robert Benford Lepley is the founder of Grand Piano Studio. He has been teaching and playing the piano professionally for over fifty years. Mr. Lepley is also a composer; his works include the beautiful choral album “Visions Within” featuring Meryl Streep and the New York Voices, and the double-album jazz recording, "Macdougal St., NYC".  


As a music educator, Mr. Lepley’s unique concept of teaching students to improvise while they are learning to read music enables even his youngest students to experience the joy of making music quickly as well as to learn to read music proficiently.  Whether teaching young beginners, advanced students, or helping seasoned professionals, Mr. Lepley is patient and gentle, and is loved and appreciated by his students. 

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