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Classical Workshop

“Classical” music is defined as, “Serious or conventional Western European music following long-established principles rather than folk, jazz, or popular traditions". More specifically it was music written in the European tradition during a period lasting approximately from 1750 to 1830 when forms such as the symphony, concerto, and sonata were standardized. The Classical Workshop at Grand Piano Studio offers classical piano lessons as defined above as well as lessons in Twentieth Century “serious conservatory-based” music. Lessons are offered for all ages and levels and incorporate other elements of music that are necessary for a well-rounded pianist to know. The curriculum includes:

  • Solo & Ensemble Classical Piano

  • Music Theory

  • Form & Analysis

  • Instrumental Composition

  • Choral Composition

  • NYSSMA Preparation

Piano Lession Rates

½ hour = $50

45 minutes = $60

1 hour = $75

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