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Improvisation and Meditation: A Spiritual Path to Music & Life

This course presents a collection of 18 lessons on music theory and practice techniques from which you will learn to improvise in any style of popular music. Many elements of music theory are complex.  This course clearly and effectively explains them all step by step, starting with the basics and gradually progressing to some of the most advanced techniques.  Each lesson is designed to be absorbed and sequentially integrated, over time and at your own pace, based on your current level of proficiency. When undertaking any disciplinary art such as music, one must prepare the mind for its study and practice, as well as performance.  Known for its benefits of imparting greater self-awareness and reducing stress, meditation also builds confidence, develops creativity, and improves focus and concentration. These states of mind are indispensable to a musician. In parallel with the music lessons, careful instruction and guidance are given in the practice of two fundamental forms of meditation, the techniques of which shall be applied to practicing and performing on your instrument.

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