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Professional Accompaniment

For Rehearsals, Concerts, Recordings, and Beyond!

If you are a jazz or popular music vocalist, this service is just for you. Robert Lepley has been accompanying professional singers for rehearsal purposes, gigs, concerts, and recordings for over 50 years. Not all professional pianists are good accompanists, but you will find that Mr. Lepley understands what is needed in order to support a singer so they can give their best performances. And, with the recent advances in technology that enables musicians to rehearse and perform together in different locations in real-time, rehearsals can be done remotely online.

Professional Accompaniment Rate

In-Studio or online with JamKazam for simultaneous rehearsal from different locations.

$75 per hour

Musical Arrangement Writing

This service involves writing arrangements for clients who want any genre of music or their own compositions arranged for different musical ensembles including all sizes of bands, strings, and vocal/choral ensembles.

Musical Arrangement Rate

$100 per hour

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